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it would be 9 times yesterday's power output

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Q: Compared to yesterday you did three times the work in one-third the time To do so your power output must have been?
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Does nuclear fission have small amounts of mass?

Yes compared with fossil fueled power plants of the same electric power output.

What can 200 kilowatts of nuclear power power?

200 kilowatts is a small amount compared to the reactor's design output, but this would produce about 70 kilowatts of electric power

Do pneumatic have less power then hydraulic?

Yes. Though the response time of a pneumatic system is better as compared to hydraulic, power output is higher in latter.

Another way of saying that the output is 70 percent of the signal input at cutoff frequency is that the output is up or down dB at frequency cutoff?

If the output power is 70% of the input power, then the output is roughly 1.55 dB downcompared to the input.If the voltage at any point of the output waveform is 70% of the voltage at the same pointon the input waveform, and the input and output impedance are equal, then the output is3.1 dB down (rounded) compared to the input.

Is yesterday an adverb in the sentence yeserday you went power kiting?

Yes, the word yesterday is both a noun and an adverb. In the sentence, 'Yesterday, you went power kiting', yesterday is used as an adverb modifying the verb went, 'you went yesterday...'.

If you do work on an object in half the time, your power output is?

If you do work on an object in half the your power output is

How do you find power input with given power factor and power output?

Output Power divided by Power Factor.

What is the measure of how much useful work a machine puts out compared to the amount of work put into it?

That is called the efficiency, and it is a number between 0 and 1 (or 0% and 100%). It is obtained by dividing output power / input power.

What is the efficiency of a transmission line?

Transmission line efficiency is power at the recieving-end of the line compared to the power at the sending-end of the line and is expressed as a percentage, so this can be formulated. % efficiency = load power (output) / source power (input) x 100 In the line, there are power losses. to calculate this we use the formula: power loss = 3.I2.R where I is current and R is resistance. Now that we have the losses, we know the difference between the input and the output. So, for example, if one had the output value known, then to get the input we just add the loss to the output or if had the input known, just subtract the loss from it to get the output. hope that helps

What difference between RF power output watt and electrical power output watt?

The difference is in the output frequency.

Can A Computer Output Electricity In Computercraft you can say if true output power on this side Can you say in a program to output power say to light a light So if true then output power to led's?

A Computer Output Electricity in Computercraft cannot be said to make a program to output power, regardless of the side.

How does force affect power output?

Force affects the speed of power output. If the driving force is slow, the speed of power output will also be sluggish. Alternatively, if the driving force is fast, power output will be able to match the speed.