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18 (eighteen) is an integer and does not need to be "converted to a decimal"

1/8 (one eighth) is a fraction and can be converted into a decimal: 0.125

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Q: Convert 18 to a decimal
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How do you convert 18 percent into a decimal?

take the % sign 2 spaces over. 18% --> .18

How do you convert 3.5 into a decimal?

You cannot convert a decimal into a decimal!

How do you get 18 percent of 162?

Convert the percentage to a decimal:18% = 18 / 100 = 0.18Next . . .What is 18% of 162= 18% * 162 = 0.18 * 162 = 29.16

How do you do 18 percent of 34?

Convert the percentage to a decimal: 18% = 18/100 = 0.18What is 18% of 34:= 18% * 34= 0.18 * 34= 6.12

How do you convert to a decimal 0.2?

0.2 already is a decimal. There is nothing to convert.0.2 already is a decimal. There is nothing to convert.0.2 already is a decimal. There is nothing to convert.0.2 already is a decimal. There is nothing to convert.

How do you convert 29.53 to a decimal?

Convert 29.53 to decimal

How do you convert 1101 0111 to decimal?

convert 1101 to decimal

How do i convert 18 to a decimal?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. So the required decimal representation is 18, exactly as in the question.

How do you get a convert a decimal into a percent?

multiply the decimal by 100 to convert it into a percent.

How do you convert in to a decimal number?

The answer will depend on what you want to convert into a decimal number.

How do you use a power of ten to convert a decimal to a decimal?

If the number is already in decimal form, you do not need to do anything to "convert" it to decimal!

How do you convert 9.80 to a decimal?

9.80 IS a decimal so to convert it to a decimal you, very carefully, leave it exactly as it is.

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