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A double decker bus can hold about 80 people, so 100,000 buses could hold 8 million people. The population of London is around 7.5 million so the answer to your question is 'yes'.

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My math teacher was asking this in class in an investigation lolll i didn't expect someone would actually answer it

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Q: Could you fit the population of London in one hundred thousand double decker buses?
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Could you fit the population of London into one hundred thousand double decker buses?

Right, lets see just how big these buses are to begin with: say 40 people downstairs & another 40 up top =80. So we have 80 x 100 000 = 8 000 000. I don't now just what Londoners are going to say about it, but that is one long convoy ! & I think there are more than 8 million of them.

How do you convert 5.5mm to inches on elecrical wire?

5.5mm = 0.2165 inches - whether on electrical wire or on a double decker bus! Direct Conversion Formula 5.5 mm* 1 in 25.4 mm = 0.2165354331 in

How many tennis balls could fit into a double decker bus?

Rough estimate: 249k (249 thousand) The amount of tennis balls is roughly equal to V_bus (volume of the bus) / V_ball (volume of one tennis ball) * packing factor. Take the following assumptions: 1.) a double-decker bus has a volume of 75 m^3 2.) a tennis ball has a diamater of 6.6 cm (radius = 0.033 m) 3.) the packing factor (which accounts for bus interior ~15% and imperfect packing of balls ~35% lost in "voids between balls" due to spherical shape) is equal to (1-0.15-0.35) = 0.5 Therefore the amount of tennis ballsย  =ย  75 / (4/3pi0.033^3) * 0.5 = ~249115

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Could you fit the population of London in one thousand double decker busses?

Not even close- and not even with pushing and shoving. A double decker can hold about 90 people. Population of London is 8.64 MILLION people. That would take at least 96,378 double deckers.

Where can one ride a double decker bus?

London is a great place to find a double decker bus. It was one the common ways to get around. Many other places have double decker buses, but London is the most popular one.

How many double decker buses would you need to fit the entire population of London into them?

10,000,000 people divided by 50 people per bus is 200,000 buses.

What is the width of a London Double Decker Bus?

There is no standard width of a London double decker bus. However, the most common width for these buses is around 2.5 meters, or 8 feet.

Could you fit the population of London into one hundred thousand double decker buses?

Right, lets see just how big these buses are to begin with: say 40 people downstairs & another 40 up top =80. So we have 80 x 100 000 = 8 000 000. I don't now just what Londoners are going to say about it, but that is one long convoy ! & I think there are more than 8 million of them.

Tell us the colour of a London double decker bus?


Can the population of London fit into 1000 doubble decca buses?

No. A London double decker bus has a seating capacity of 62. For arguments sake lets say we could double that with people standing. That would be 124 people on each bus. Thus one could fit 124,000 people onto 1000 buses but the population of London is in excess of 9,332,000 people.

When did the first red double-decker buses appear in the streets of London?


How many people can stand on a London double decker bus?


How fast can a London red double decker bus travel?

60 mph

What are London buses called with downstairs and upstairs?

it's called a double Decker bus

How many years have Double decker Buses been in London?

since sex was around