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define or describe each set of real numbers?

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Q: Define or describe each set of real numbers?
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What are the component of real numbers?

Real Numbers cannot be the square root of a negative number. Real Numbers are not divided by zero. Basically, Real Numbers cannot be anything that is undefined.

How are real numbers used to describe real-world situations?


What subset of the real numbers would you use describe the population of several cities?

natural numbers

How are numbers used to describe real-world situations?

Can you find a real-world situation that numbers don't describe? From the numbers on your alarm clock to the numbers on your house, to the bus you ride to work, to the numbers on the phone as you order takeout, to the prices at the grocery store, to your bar tab, it's all numbers.

What is define real number?

It is a bit hard to define them - and the exact definitions are a bit formal. It is best to think of real numbers as the equivalent of all points on a straight line, infinite in both directions.

Set of real numbers?

The set of real numbers is the union of the set of rational and irrational numbers. But there are so many other ways to describe it. Real numbers can be constructed as Dedekind cuts of rational numbers. The set of real numbers can also be viewed as the set of equivalence classes of Cauchy sequences of rational numbers Some people like the definition, that the real numbers are all the numbers which can be expressed as decimals.

What is an integer that's a real number?

All integers are real numbers.

What is the domain and range of y equals cubed square root of x?

The simplest answer is that the domain is all non-negative real numbers and the range is the same. However, it is possible to define the domain as all real numbers and the range as the complex numbers. Or both of them as the set of complex numbers. Or the domain as perfect squares and the range as non-negative perfect cubes. Or domain = {4, pi} and range = {8, pi3/2} Essentially, you can define the domain as you like and the definition of the range will follow or, conversely, define the range and the domain definition will follow,

When you have two linear equations how do you know when they are all real numbers?

The answer depends on what are meant to be real numbers! If all the coefficients are real and the matrix of coefficients is non-singular, then the value of each variable is real.

What number has no multiple inverse?

On the set of all real numbers ZERO has no multiplicative inverse. For other sets there may be other numbers too, so please define your set!

What are the uses of Composite Function in real life?

a) Define the concept of culture. Also describe the national cultural variables and individual cultural variables with examples.

What is schematic diagram of real numbers and the definition of each term?

this is math