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same time

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Q: Difference in local time between 165 degree east and 165 degree west?
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What's the difference between in time and on time?

actual time at 30 degree east is 10.00 a.m then what is the time at 80 degree west

How do you calculate the time difference when longitudinal difference is given?

30 degree East and 80 degree west time difference

What is the distance between 90 degree east longitude and 91 degree east longitude at the poles is?


Why is there a time difference between eastern and western part of India?

Due to great longitudnal extend of about 29 degree there could be a wide difference in local time of place located at 2 extreme parts of india of such the defrence between those 2 points would be of about 2 hours .As the local time changes by four minutes every one degree of longitude,the sun rises two hours earlier in the east than in the west

How can a chronometer be used to measure longitude?

difference between local time and GMT (Greenwich mean time) if local time is ahead of GMT it is east and if it is behind GMT it is east each hour = 15 degrees.

How is time is associtated with each degree of longitude?

For each degree of longitude to the east, the local mean time is four minutes ahead.

What is the difference between east and west coast?

The east coast is on the east and the west coast is on the west.

What is the difference between the east and west coast?

The east coast is on the east and the west coast is on the west.

What was the difference between East and West Berlin?

there location

Which country is located at 60 degree north and 10 degree east?

Norway, between Kongsberg and Oslo.

How many degree in longitude is Australia?

Australia occupies the range of longitude between 112.87° East and 153.65° East.

What are the difference between Europe and Middle East?

because it is smaller

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