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same time

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Q: Difference in local time between 165 degree east and 165 degree west?
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What is the difference between odd and even interstates?

Odd numbered interstates run north and south. Even numbered interstates run east and west

What does 45 degree 30 minutes 30 seconds E mean?

It is a longitude. The "E" means east of the chosen reference point (meridian) - nowadays, usually the Greenwich meridian is used. Minutes and seconds are subdivisions of a degree; 1 degree = 60 minutes, and 1 minute = 60 seconds.

Joey lives 10 blocks to the east of Ned. Ned lives 2 blocks to the east of sue. Fran lives 7 blocks to the east of sue. how many blocks is it from Fran's to Joey's house?

Easiest way to figure this out is to get a piece of lined paper and draw a whole bunch of lines. Then make sure you plot all of these on a line heading east (like a compass rose. Put Sue on one line, then Ned in relation to her, Fran in relation to her. Then you can add Joey in relation to Ned. Then you can figure out how many blocks in between by just counting the lines between their houses.

What line passes through Alaska?

Every north latitude between 54.65 - 71.38 degrees, including the Arctic Circle, as well as every west longitude between 130.02 - 180 degrees and every east longitude between 172.45 - 180 degrees, traverses the state of Alaska.

Is there 16 directions i n a compass?

Going clockwise, the 16 directions are... North North North East North East East North East East East South East South East South South East South South South West South West West South West West West North West North West North North West ...and back to North again.

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How do you calculate the time difference when longitudinal difference is given?

30 degree East and 80 degree west time difference

What is the distance between 90 degree east longitude and 91 degree east longitude at the poles is?


How is time is associtated with each degree of longitude?

For each degree of longitude to the east, the local mean time is four minutes ahead.

What is the difference between east and west coast?

The east coast is on the east and the west coast is on the west.

What was the difference between East and West Berlin?

there location

Why there is a difference of 2 hrs in local time between Gujarat and Assam?

From the longitudinal extent of India it is observed that the longitudinal expense is about 30 degree from west to east. This means that there would be a time-lag of two hours approximately from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. To avoid such differences in local time, Indian Standard Time has been fixed to give whole country a uniform time.The local time of standard meridian of 82 degree 32' is observed as the standard time by whole country.

What is the difference between the east end and the west end?

one is east and one is west.obviously...

What time will it be at 30 degree east?

It will be one hour ahead of your local time. For example - if it's currently 8:30am where you are, at 30o east it will be 09:30.

Time difference between Argentina and East Africa?

East Africa is six hours ahead.

What is the difference between the Middle East and fertile?

middle east is modern fertle cresent isn't

What are the difference between Europe and Middle East?

because it is smaller

Which country is located at 60 degree north and 10 degree east?

The country located at 60 degrees north and 10 degrees east is Norway.