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Q: Distracted drivers can drive defensively but only if they reduce speed true or false?
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When do you drive defensively?

Anytime your are driving a car you should drive defensively. This will greatly reduce your chance of getting in an accident. Driving defensively means that you look ahead, put space between you and the vehicle ahead of you, turning on your signals and always leaving an "out".

Use defensively in a sentence?

You will be safer if you will learn to drive defensively.

Why do you think people are saying people drive more defensively in Texas?

I personally have not ever heard anyone say that people drive more defensively in Texas. I think that any good driver drives defensively regardless of whether it is in Texas or California, New York, or Toronto.

How do avoid car accidents?

Obey the traffic laws and drive defensively.

How does one learn to drive safely?

Learning to drive safely comes from many different sources, the most important of which is arguably personal experience. It is important that new drivers learn to balance mobility with safety, as young drivers often tend to underestimate the need to brake early, access a situation, drive defensively, etc. You may glean driving skills from driver's education classes, observation on the road, your parents, and other experienced drivers with whom you ride with.

How do you protect yourself when driving?

ALWAYS wear a seat belt. ALWAYS drive defensively. NEVER drive under the influence of anything.

Which ways can reduce insurance premiums?

One way is to drive safely. Drivers who hardly get into any vehicular accidents are granted lower premiums.

Can I have an explanation of drivers ed?

"Drivers ed" is a course taken by students of driving age or just before driving age to teach them how to drive. A lot of schools give a drivers ed course which teaches young drivers the basics of traffic laws and the dangers of driving under the influence or driving distracted. Most of these schools also provide on road driving courses with a certified driving instructor.

Can you drive in US with international drivers license?

Yes, you can drive in US with an international drivers licence.

Do Nascar drivers need a license to drive?

No, they do not need a drivers license to drive a NASCAR race car.

Do the drivers own the trucks they drive on ice road truckers?

Some do, and some drive for companies. The Carlisle drivers featured on the Dalton Road were company drivers.

Cannot access Jump Drive when it is plugged in to your machine?

The jump drive's drivers are probably not installed on your computer. You probably can google your drive's drivers, download, and then install them.