Divide 360 by 24

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360 divided by 24 is 15.

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Q: Divide 360 by 24
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If you divide a circle into 15 equal parts how many degrees will there be in each part?

its 360/15 = 24 degrees

Why do you know that the planet turns 15 degrees of longitude every hour?

Because it turns steadily and goes through 360 degrees in 24 hours, so you just have to divide 360 by 24.

How can you divide 26 inches circle into 15 equal parts?

Divide it into segments (like pizza slices), each of 360/15 = 24 degrees.

How many time zones and their measure of degree?

The earth is divided into 24 times zones. Divide 360 degrees by 24 and you will get the measure in degrees.

Why is the time difference between each meridian of longitude 4 minutes Explain?

There are 360 meridians which represent 360 degrees of a full rotation of the earth - relative to the sun. Since the period of the earth's rotation takes 24 hours, each meridian represents 24/360 hours = 24*60/360 minutes = 4 minutes.

What regular polygon has a exterior angle of 24 degrees?

We know that the sum of the exterior angles of a regular polygon is 360°. Since the exterior angle is 24°, then 24°n = 360° divide both sides by 24°; n = 15 Thus a 15-sided regular polygon has an exterior angle of 24°. If you don't remember the above fact, you can work in this way: If the exterior angle is 24°, then the angle of polygon will be 156° (180 - 24). Since the sum of the angle of the polygon is equal to (n - 2)180°, then we have: 156° n = (n - 2)180° 156° n = 180°n - 360° subtract 156°n and add 360° to both sides; 360° = 24°n divide by 24° to both sides; 15 = n

360 add 24?


A wheel has 15 spokes what is the angle between each two spokes?

There are 360 degrees in a circle, so all you have to do is divide 360 by 15 and you get 24 degrees between each spoke.

What is the greatest common factor of 24 and 360?

360 / 24 = 15.Since 24 is a factor of 360, and also obviously a factor of itself,it must be the greatest common factor of 24 and 360.

What is the LCM of 15 24 and 9?

The LCM is 360.

What is 18000 divide into 360?


How many degrees of longitude are in each time zone?

A polar view of the planet is roughly circular, that is, a total 360 degrees. There are about 24 hours in each day. Divide 360 by 24; the answer is 15, so there are 15 degrees of longitude in each time zone.

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