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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Divide a square into 7 equal parts?
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How do you Divide square in 7 equal parts?

Might be divide it to rectangle

How do you divide rectangle into 7 equal parts?

Divide it into equal parts with horizontal or vertical lines.

Can you divide a circle into 7 equal parts?

Technically no because 360/7 is a repeating decimal but it can be approximated

What is 851 divide by 7 equal?

851 divide by 7 equal = 121.57142857142857

How do you convert 115 inches into 7 equal sections?

Divide it by 7.Divide it by 7.Divide it by 7.Divide it by 7.

How many parallel lines are needed to divide it into eight equal parts?

The answer depends on what shape "it" is.

How do you divide a semicircle into 7 equal parts?

Calculate perimeteter of the semicircle then divide mathematically by seven using a calculator and then using that value and a divider or compass divide the semicircle.......

There are 6 pieces of construction paper for 7 people each person needs and equal amount what is the first step to divide the paper?

find 7 equal parts

What does 35 divide by 5 equal?


What can divide equal with 7 and 9 and 3?

nothing can divide 7. 9 and 3 equally!

How can you divide squares in to 1 eighths?

by dividing by 6 .and if the eighth is whole then divide by 7 .________________________I have a different take; if I have misunderstood the question then I trust a kind contributor will delete this contribution. The questioner may be asking how to divide a square into pieces each one eighth the size of the original square. The pieces will be right triangles of equal size. They will not all be congruent with one another, however. Four will be congruent with each other, and the remaining four will be congruent with each other. Draw lines connecting opposite vertices; they will meet at the center. Then draw lines connecting the centers of opposite sides.Another way is to end up with 8 identical rectangles. Divide the width into 8 equal parts, and divide the height into 8 equal parts. For example: a square 8 inches per side. Then divide the square into 4 inch by 2 inch rectangles. There will be 8 of them.

Is one third greater than one quarter?

If 1/4 is equal to 3/12 as it is then a third is equal to 4/12 so 3+4 is 7 and therefore the answer is 7/12 or seven twelfths

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How do you Divide square in 7 equal parts?

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