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yes they do hope u find it useful

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Q: Do Graphs present information to the reader?
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What kind of information do graphs present?

Relationships of parts to a whole.

Why is it important for the media to portray graphs correctly?

It is important for the media to present all information correctly. The portrayal of graphs is simply another form of presenting information.

Why do we use graphs and charts to present information?

because it sorts the info out better

What are four ways that you can graphically present data?

You can use pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs and scatter point graphs to present data.

What type of double bar graph be used for in order to convey information to a reader?

Double bar graphs, also called double bar charts, help us to compare or present more than one kind of information, situations, or events instead of just one by using bars.

What kinds of graphs could you use to present information?

Bar Graph.... Line Graph..... Depends on the info though........

Why would an article have pictures charts graphs or sidebars?

Artciles need this so tha it is more enticing to the reader and that it can be more clearer for the reader to understand. This also adds more comprehensive information for the readers.

What is the best graph for numerical information?

The best graph for numerical information will depend on what you want to present. The linear graph, bar and the pie graph are some of the best graphs to present numerical data.

Why is the use of graphs important in the study of economics?

Economics uses lots of models to convey economic theory. The use of graphs helps present this information and the relationships within it. Graphs can also be used to extrapolate and interpolate the information and make estimations of values.

How are the graphs different?

Needs more information... graphs of what?

Why are data oraganized into tables and graphs?

Tables and graphs are used to present data in an easier to view and analyze format.

Which design element helps your reader focus on the important information in your technical document?

Technical documents often must include visual aids to accurately present the information. These include graphs of various types and diagrams.