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Yes, if you turn a shape completely around to its original position it will look like its original position because it will be in its original position. For example if i take a trapezoid and turn it 180 degrees it does not look the same as it did before so it does not have rotational symmetry of 180 degrees.

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Q: Do all shapes have 360 degree rotation symmetry?
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The degree of rotation symmetry of a pentagon?

a pentagon has rotational symmetry if its a regular pentagon. if you add all 5 sides together you will get 360 degrees

What is the leghtn of rotation?

The length of rotation typically refers to the distance traveled by a point on a rotating object as it completes one full rotation around its axis. It is calculated based on the circumference of the circle traced by the rotating point.

A complete rotation or circle contains how many degrees?

A full rotation is a 360 degree rotation. A full circle is 360 degrees.

What degree of rotation will cause the triangle below to ma onto itself?

That will depend on what type of triangle it is and if it is an equilateral triangle then it will have rotational symmetry to the order of 3

How many times will a simple cross show rotational symmetry within one full rotation (360 degrees)?

Four times - each at 90 degree angles.

What is a 360 degree angle?

A Full rotation

What is a 360 degree angle called?

A Full rotation

How many degree are in complete rotation?

360 degrees.

What are the degrees of a Symmetry?

A two-fold symmetry has a 360 degrees rotation. A three-fold rotational symmetry, on the other hand, has 120 degrees, and on a horizontal axis, a symmetry has 180 degrees.

What is the angle of rotation of semi-circle?

order of rotation of semicircle is 1. angle of rotation of semicircle is 360 degree. If you want to find angle of rotation of a shape, then divide 360 from order of rotation of a shape.

Is it still a rotation when a shape rotates 360 degree?


In mathematics terms what is the definition of degree?

A degree is a measure of rotation, with 360 degrees representing a complete rotation returning to the starting point.