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yes, boys have a greater lung capacity than girls because lung capacity is a function of volume of space enclosed by the rib cage, which means the lungs ability to inflate. Males have greater lung capacity because they have larger frames and usually have larger rib cages

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2011-02-27 18:00:05
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Q: Do boys have a greater lung capacity than girls?
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Do boys or girls have greater lung capacity?

boys have a larger lung capascity

Who has better lung capacity girls or boys?


Who has the greatest lung capacity?

boys have 20-25% more lung capacity than girls do I did a science experimant and boys have a wider lung capacity.

WHO HAS Larger lung capacity boys or girls?

Males have a larger lung capacity because they are larger and stronger in most cases.

Who has more lung capacity between boy or girl?

Typically boys have more lung capacity than girls will have. This of course changes if one of them trains especially in music or sports.

What is a good science fair project on human psychology?

I did 2 science fair projects. Do boys or girls have better lung capacity? Or how has more accurate sences boys or girls?

Do taller people have a greater lung capacity than shorter people?

Taller people have more lung capacity

Does a person with greater mass have bigger lung capacity?

In general, a taller healthy person will have greater lung capacity than one who is shorter. Health habits and cardiovascular fitness affect lung capacity to a large degree, though.

Why do taller people have a greater lung capacity then smaller people?

Because they are bigger, so there lungs are bigger, which means that the lung capacity is larger.

Differentiate male and female lung capacity by comparing their measurements?

Not really sure but I'm assuming that males have greater lung capacity since they are generally bigger than women.

Who have more lung capacity shorter or taller people?

Taller people tend to have greater lung capacities because they have larger lungs.

Do taller people have greater lung capacity than smaller people?

Not necessarily, but in general, yes.

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