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Yes. You first multiply, then however many decimal places you were multiplying, you move over.

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Q: Do you move decimal points over when multiplying?
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What are methods that can be used to determine where to put the decimal point when multiplying?

move the decimal down and over however many numbers are behind the decimal

What is 0.625 converted to percent?

To convert decimal to percent, just move the decimal place over two to the right (which is basically multiplying by 100). Therefore, 0.625 = 62.5%

48 is what percent of 144?

33%To find this out, you do 48/144=.33333. Move the decimal over to the right twice (multiplying by 100) and you get your percentage.

Why Do you move decimal points over when multiplying?

If you just pull some numbers out of the air and practice with them, you'll discover that whenever you multiply or divide a number by ten (10), you wind up with exactly the same digits as you started with, and the only difference is that the decimal point is moved over one place. Knowing this trick, you should always keep it in your tool box. If you have to do an arithmetic problem and it has a multiplication or division by 10 in it, you don't have to go through the whole procedure. All you have to do is move the decimal point over one place. (Of course, you also have to know which way to move it.)

What is 14 times 25?

-14 x 2.5 = -3514x2.5_____70+ 280_____350 Since we are multiplying by decimals we need to look at the 2.5. The decimal moves over one space, so in our answer we need to move the decimal over one place. This makes the answer 35.0. Also since we were multiplying by a (-) we need to multiply 35.0 by (-) and get -35.0.

What is 36 over 100 in decimal points?

It is: 36/100 = 0.36 as a decimal

What is 13 over 25 in a decimal?

Multiplying each number by 4 gives you the (decimated) .52 answer.

When writing a percent as a decimal why do you move the decimal point 2 places?

You move the decimal point over two places because a percent means per 100 so therefore you move the decimal point over to the hundredth place

How do make a decimal a percent?

You move the decimal 2 places over.

How do you make percentarges?

to make percentages like 40% of 70 you'd change the percentage 40% to a decimal so 40% becomes .40 and you multiply (remember multiplying decimals multiply normally and when you're done move the decimal over by how many numbers are behind the decimal)answer : 2870*.40-----28.00

How do you multiply two decimal numbers together?

Pretend there are no decimal points, and multiply the numbers together. Then count over (from the right) the number of decimal points of the two numbers combined. For example: 3.4 * 0.185 = 0.6290 34 * 185 = 6290. There is one number to the right of the decimal point in 3.4, and three to the right in 0.185. One plus three is four, so starting from 6290. you move over four places.

What is 30 percent changed to a decimal is?

0.30 you move the decimal point over 2 times to the left to get the decimal. You move it over 2 times to the right to get the percent. IE. 5% = 0.05