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Yes, a quadrilateral equals 360°, as the total measure. This is the same for every quadrangle, whether it is a square or not.

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Q: Does a quadrilateral equal 360 degrees as the total measure?
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If a quadrilateral has three angles that measure 80 degrees 110 degrees 75 degrees what is the measure of the forth angle?

95 degrees, because 80+110+75=265 and the total degrees a quadrilateral should have(360) minus 265=95

Does a quadrilateral equal 180 degress?

No because the sum of the interior angles of all quadrilaterals total 360 degrees.

What is the sum of the angles of any quadrilateral?

The total degrees of both a quadrilateral and a circle is 360 degrees.

What total angle measures always equal 360 degrees?

Circles measure 360 degreesAny quadrilateral as well.Try to picture this, if you take a rectangle, and make a diagonal line across it, you have two triangles. Triangles will ALWAYS measure up to 180 degrees, so since you have two, 180X2=360

What is the total degrees for a trapezoid?

A trapezium is a quadrilateral and the sum of the interior angles of any quadrilateral is 360 degrees.

What is the total number degrees of a regular quadrilateral?

its 76 degrees

How do you prove with diagram that sum of quadrilateral angles is 360?

Measure each of the 4 angles with a protractor and they should total 360 degrees.

A quadrilateral has two 90 degree angles and a 91 degree angle What is the measure in degrees of the fourth angle of the quadrilateral?

4 sides requires Total interior angles of 360 degrees 360-90-90-91= 89

How many degrees total are in a quadrilateral?


What is the total degrees of a trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral so it will have 360 degrees in it.

What is the total number of degrees of the interior angles of quadrilateral?

360 degrees

What is the definition of a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is any linear shape which contains four straight lines connected at four angles. the total degrees found within the angles total 360 degrees.A regular quadrilateral is a square : all four sides have equal lengths and all four angles are equal, thereby right angles of 90° each.