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No, rectangles do not have congruent sides. Squares have congruent sides.

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Q: Does a rectangle have all congruent sides?
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Do a rectangle have all sides congruent?


A rectangle has consecutive sides that are congruent?

No. A rectangle has opposite sides congruent. If consecutive sides are also congruent, then your rectangle is a square.

Does a rectangle always have congruent sides?

The answer is no, if a rectangle's sides were congruent, it would be a square not a rectangle.

Are all sides congruent in a quadrilateral or parallelogram or rectangle or rombus or square?

a parallelogram, rectangle, rombus, and square all are quadrilaterals. a quadrilateral means a shape with 4 sides. only 2 sides are congruent in a parallelogram 2 sides are congruent in a rectangle 4 sides are congruent in a rombus 4 sides are congruent in a square

What rectangle with all four sides are congruent?

You maybe thinking of a square or a rhombus because a rectangle does not have four congruent sides.

Parallelogram with congruent sides and all right angles?

All sides congruent = square Two pairs of mutually congruent sides = rectangle

Which quadrilateral has opposite sides congruent and 4 right angles but not all sides congruent?

A rectangle.A rectangle.A rectangle.A rectangle.

Which quadrilater has opposite sides congruent and 4 right angles but not all sides congruent?


Is a rectangle a regular or irregular?

A rectangle is considered to be an irregular polygon. This is because, in a rectangle, the sides need not necessarily all be congruent, and regular polygons must have all sides be congruent.

If two sides of a rectangle are congruent then then angles oppposite those sides are always congruent?

No "if" is necessary in this case. All angles of a rectangle are congruent, by definition. Also, there is no "angle opposite a side" in a rectangle.

Rectangle with all sides congruent?

That is called a square.

What is a rectangle with all congruent sides called?

a square

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