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Yes, 80 plus 80 equals 160.

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Q: Does eighty plus eighty equal one hundred sixty?
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What does 555 plus sixty equal?

six hundred-eleven

What is eighty plus seventy plus sixty eight plus sixty plus seventy two plus seventy one plus sixty one equals what?


What is eight hundred thousand plus sixty thousand?

Eight-hundred sixty-thousand (860,000).

What is 575 plus 5?

five hundred and eighty

What is sixty plus two hundred plus six in a half?


How does six plus two equal sixty?

Six + ty = sixty.

What is 8 plus 6 plus 2364891008446?

2,364,891,008,460. Or two trillion, three-hundred sixty-four billion, eight-hundred ninety-one million, eight-thousand, four-hundred sixty.

What does 1 plus one hundred eighty divided by 33 equal?


Does eighty plus twenty equal one hundred?

Ummm.... Well if you don't know this answer then ur in either K-1 or first grade. A: Yes.

What one hundred fifty-six plus eighty-four?


What is fifty plus sixty equal?

110 of course !

What is seventy plus sixty?

130 one hundred and thirty. (130)