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Subtraction of integers is essentially addition of integers except the second integer is inverted. For example: 5 + 3 = 8 is a simple addition of integers. 5 - 3 = 5 is a simple subtraction of integers. It can be expressed by inverting the second value (the one right after the subration sign) and then switching the subtraction sign to an addition sign. So it would look like: 5 + (-3) = 5. Note that (-3) is the opposite of 3. So to do a more confusing subtraction problem like: 55 - (-5), we could rewrite this as: 55 + -(-5). From here it's easy to see that the two negatives cancel out. 55 + 5 = 60.

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Q: Explain how the subtraction of integers is related to the addition of integers?
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How are addition and subtraction of integers related?

Addition and subtraction are inverse functions.

How addition and subtraction related?

Addition and subtraction are reverse operations.

How is the additions of integers related to the subtraction of integers?

they both have something to do with positive and negative

What is a set of related addition-subtraction or multiplication-division sentences?

A set of related addition-subtraction or multiplication-division sentences is a fact family.

Is a pattern where the terms are related by addition and subtraction?


How is integer subtraction related to integer addition?

they are inverse functions

How is the subtraction of integers related to the addition of integers?

It's the inverse operation. 3 + 6 = 9, 9 - 6 = 3

How is subtraction and addition related?

They both include number and they use your head

How are the four basic operations related to one another?

Subtraction is the inverse operation to addition. Multiplication is repeated addition.Division is the inverse of multiplication.

How is Addition And Subtraction Are Related To Each Other?

They are both binary operations. The inverse of adding X to a number is the subtraction of X from the result and, conversely, subtracting Y from a number is the inverse of adding Y to the result.

How are addition and subtraction related?

They are inverses. For any numbers a, b, and c if: a + b = c then: a = c - b and b = c - a In words, addition is raising the value of a number by counting higher, (1, 2, 3, ...). Subtraction is the inverse (you count down 3, 2, 1, ...).

Is the division operation the last operation Excel performs?

No. Addition and subtraction are the last operations, done on a left to right basis as they have equal precedence. See the related question below.