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To convert a decimal to a fraction, write it as a decimal fraction. Hence

0.8 / 1.0

Notice we write it over 1.0.

We always write it over '1 point' and since the decimal is to only one decimal place we only write in one zero.

Hence 0.8 / 1.0

Cancel down the decimal point, hence


Ignore the prefixed zero' to the '8'.

Hence 8/10

Since both '8' and '10' are even numbers we can cancel down by '2'


8/10 = 4/5

This will not cancel any further as '5' is a Prime number.

It follows that 0.8 = 4/5

NB If the decimal is to two/three decimal places then you write in 'two/three' zeroes.


0.88 = 0.88/1.00 or 0.888 = 0.888 / 1.000

And then proceed as above.

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0.8 as a fraction in its lowest term is 4/5

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Q: Express 0.8 as a fraction in its lowest term?
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