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Q: Find the greatest number which can divide 257 and 329 so as to leave a reminder 5 in each case?
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What is the greatest number which will divide 11296 so as to leave reminder11?


Find smallest number which when divided by 21 leave reminder 9?

30/21 = 1 with a remainder of 9

How do you put 12 over 72 into simplest form?

You first have to find there greatest common factor (the biggest number that can be divide into both numbers) in this case it would be 12. You then divide 12 by 12 which equals 1.Then divide 12 by 72 which equals 6. Then you put your numerator or top number over your denominator or bottom number. Which should leave you with 1 over 6

What is the largest number which will divide 249 and leave a remainder of 9?


What is the greatest integer that can divide each of the numbers 283 427 and 715 to leave the same remainder in each case?


How do you divide a variable by a whole number?

what do you mean? of course you can. divide like a regular number. just leave the Variable sign behind. hahah i hope this help[;

What number is between 1 and 400 and can be divide by 15 to leave remainder 13?

28 is one such number.

What number can be divided by15 and 9 and wont leave a reminder?

45 15 x 3 = 45 9 x 5 = 45

What is the greatest number which on dividing 3784 and 9157 leave 3 as remainder in each?

It is 199.

What is the smallest whole number which 5 8 9 can divide and leave a remainder 1?


How do you simplify a mixed number with improper fraction?

Divide the denominator (bottom number) into the whole number , and then add that to the numerator (top number) . if you cant sinplify, leave it...

What is the largest number which when divided into 143 and 199 will leave a remainder in each case?

Any number greater than 199 will divide into both zero times and leave a remainder (of the original number); there is no upper limit to the numbers greater than 199. -------------------------------- The largest number to divide into both and leave the SAME remainder is 56 (leaving a remainder of 31 in both cases).