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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Find the surface area of a shot put with a diameter of 90 mm?
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Where to find shells for 44 shot?

where can you buy shells for 44 shot steven

Are the 32 arminius 7 shot hw5 accurate?

The chambers of the sample HW5 which I inspected were bored the same diameter (cartridge case diameter) straight through. Chambers of good quality revolvers (e.g. Smith & Wesson and Colt) are reduced to bullet diameter at the front end (barrel end) of the cylinder to guide the bullet squarely into the barrel. With the HW5, the bullet must jump from the neck of the cartridge case to the barrel with no guidance to ensure that it enters the barrel perfectly in line with the barrel axis. This is not conducive to good accuracy. Bored-straight-thru chambers were common back in the days of outside-lubricated bullets having the same diameter as the cartridge case (like the .22 rimfire) but the 32 S&W is an inside-lubricated cartridge design and should have reduced-diameter chamber throats.

What is the answer to Why Was The Photographer Arrested math worksheet?

he shot people and blew them up

How do you get a minus score on laser quest?

You get hit more times than you got shot example. I shot: 20 people= 200 points but I got shot: 100 times = -300 200 - -300= -100

How do you calculate radiographic Diagnostic film length?

do you know about Penumbra calculation as its calculated from this? Ug=FxT/D Ug=Geometric Unsharpness F= Source or Window Size T= Object Thickness D= Distance from source to the front surface of the Test Object. Your Diagnostic film length is calculated from this. Depending on what standards you work to they will tell you how many shots to do on what thickness of material as well as distance shot from. there is a chart that can be referenced but i can't remember what its called. i will try & find out but i hope this helps

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What is the diameter of the shot put throwing area?

7ft 4in.Beware, discus circle is larger

Diameter and height of a shot glass?

Top diameter at 1.75" and the height at 2.25"

What is the diameter of OO buck shot?

@ .33"

What shot gun has the smallest bore diameter?


What is the diameter of the shot put circle?

7 feet

What is the diameter of a shot putt throwing circle?


What is the origin of shotgun shot size. I know Gauge is the number of balls in a pound of lead. Where did shot size come from?

Shotgun gauge diameter is determined by how many balls of lead the diameter of that gauge will equal one pound. Thus it takes 10 lead balls of 10 gauge diameter to equal one pound of weight. And 16 lead balls of 16 gauge diameter to equal one pound.Thats why the gauge number decreases when the diameter increases. SHOT SIZE It seems the history of shot size is uncertain. There are at least 24 different methods of determining shot size around the world. The method used in the USA currently is to subtract the shot size number from 17 and that number is the diameter in hundredths of an inch. Thus #4 shot would be 17-4=13 or .13" in diameter. Why 17, I cant find anyone who knows, so anybody know?

How big is a shot put circle?

7 feet in diameter

How big is the circle for shot put?

7 ft in diameter

What is the diameter of a high school shot put ring?

7 ft

What is the diameter of the Shot put ring?

7 feet (2.135 meters)

How big is shotgun bird shot?

"Bird shot" comes in different sizes- the bigger the number, the smaller the shot. #4 shot is about 0.13 inches in diameter. # 71/2 is about 0.095 inches.

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