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44 & 45

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Q: Find two consecutive integers whose sum is eighty nine let x be the smaller of these two integers what is the larger of these two consecutive integers what r the two numbers?
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What are three consecutive even integers whose sum is negative one hundred and eighty-six?

-- method -- We need X numbers which are consecutive, so the middle number will be 1/ X of the total. Divide the sum of the numbers by the number of numbers ... in this case divide 186 by 3. The numbers are to be consecutive and even, so subtract 2 from the number go get one of the numbers and add 2 to the number to get the other number. You now have three numbers which are even and consecutive. Now, place a minus sign in front of them, to turn them into negative numbers For instance 12, 14 and 16 are three consecutive numbers whose sum is 42. -12, -14 and - 16 are three consecutive even integers whose sum is -42 Now you know all you need to solve the problem.

What is two consecutive whole numbers that the square root of eighty lies between?

8 and 9

Find three consecutive odd integers whose sum is one hundred eighty three Enter your answer in a sequence like this 71 51 61?

Divide the sum of the three consecutive odd integers by 3: 183/3 = 61. The smallest of these integers will be two less than 61 and the largest will be two more than 61, so the three consecutive odd integers will be 59, 61, 63.

What prime number between sixty and eighty is one more than the product of two factors that are consecutive numbers?


What are two consecutive even numbers whose sum is negative eighty eight?

There is no solution. The sum MUST be an even number that is NOT divisible by 4. Negative 88 is divisible by 4

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Eighty-nine hundred-thousandths in numbers = 0.00089

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How do you write eighty thousand in numbers?

It is 84000.

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Eighty-six thousand in numerical form is "86,000".

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