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The way for a fraction to be undefined is to have the lower number to be zero. So you only look at the bottom of the fraction and find what it would take to make it equal to zero.


You would have to subtract three from both sides and you would get x= -3.

So the answer is -3.

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Q: For which value of x is the expression x-4 over x plus 3 undefined?
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What value of n makes the expression n plus 4 over n-3 undefined?


X2 plus 3x plus 2 over x plus 2 Identify any restricted values on the domain?

The restricted value in the domain is x=-2 because if x were equal to -2, the denominator would be 0 and the expression would become undefined.

Are the any values for x for which each rational expression is undefined xoverx plus 8?

The expression X/(X+8) is undefined at X=-8, because that would be division by zero.

Calculate the value of this expression -7 times 5 plus 18 over -6?


How do you solve x plus 1 over x?

You don't "solve" an expression. You can solve an equation; an expression can be simplified or otherwise manipulated, and if you know the value of "x" (in this case), you can evaluate its value.

What does plus plus stand for in computer programming?

++ is an operator that increments the operand. The value of the operand in the expression is incremented first if the ++ is before the operand. The value of the operand in the expression is the same value if the ++ is after the operand.

What is -2(-6 plus 5k)-1 in a simplest expression?

You find midpoint with y2-y1 over (divided by) x2-x1. So the midpoint of (2,2) (2,2) is undefined since you can't divide by zero. ;)

What is the answer of -426 plus 2x?

That depends entirely upon the (undefined) value of x. Therefore, this question is unanswerable.

What is the value expression of 60 minus 20 plus 70?

The value expression of 60 minus 20 plus 70 is equal to 110.

What is the value of the expression 3-2 plus 24?

It is 25.

2y squared plus 13y plus 15?

It is a quadratic expression which when factored is (2y+3)(y+5)

What is 2x plus 5?

It is 2x + 5. The value of this expression will depend on the value of x: each different value of x will give a different value for the expression.