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what is the formula for finding a 3 dimensional square

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Q: Formula for 3D dimension to square meter?
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How many square meter are in a cubic meter?

That doesn't make sense. Square meter is 2D. Cubic meter is 3D. To attempt to answer your question... A square meter is one meter long and one meter wide. A cubic meter is one meter long, one meter wide, and one meter tall.

What is the d for 3d?

The d in 3d stands for DIMENSION.

Convert 1 cubic meter into square meter?

The surface of a 1 cubicmeter cube is 6 square meters. But it is not possible to convert cubic into square because Cubic is 3D and square is 2D

Is outer dimension 3D?

Not necessarily.

What a name for 3d?

3rd dimension

What is the forumla for volume of a cube?

Length of one side ^ 3 (meaning side to the 3d power, or side * side * side).It's easy to remember as it is basically the same as the formula for the area of a square, just to the 3d power instead of the 2nd power as there is one more dimension.

What is the formula to find a square m3?

What is a square m3? If it is a measure of hyper-volume in 6-dimensional space, then presumably the formula is analogous to the formula for volumes in 3d space.

What is 3d plus d?

If your talking maths then its 4 d if your talking viewing on a a screen 3d is 3 dimension and d is dimension

How many square feet in a room that is 11x10?

i would need another dimension to get the real dimension of a 3d room, but i can giv you the formula. to get the dimension of a 2d box you multiply the two numbers. that is your answer for a 2d room. to get the answer for a 3d room you need to multiply the fisrt twon numbers then multiply the answer by the third number. watch 11 X12-----------144that answers you question. suppose that the room were 3d? you would then multiply it by the measurment from the ceiling to the floor. that would get you the full area of the room. if you need further details contact me at

What does 3 d means?

3D means in the third dimension, or in this dimension, I guess.

What is the difference between square meter and cubic meter?

A square meter has two dimensions and is a measure of area; whereas a cubic meter has three dimensions and is a measure of volume

An object in 3 dimension space is called?


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