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Q: Hector ran 8 miles in 85 minutes and Mario ran 6 miles in 55 minutes who has the faster average speed?
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Sonic is faster than Mario?

much faster yes

Who is stornger Mario or sonic?

Mario has superior strength in comparison to Sonic however Sonic is faster than Mario.

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How fast can Yoshi go?

Faster than Mario. Faster than Luigi. Faster than Peach. Faster than Daisy. But not as fast as Sonic.

Dos Mario faster then sonic?

For you kids, thinking Sonic is faster, well, you're outdone. Mario is faster than Sonic. Bullet Bills go FASTER than sound, but are slowed down in the games so you can actually know what's going on, and if Sonic goes at the speed of sound, Mario must be faster than sound because he can stomp Bullets faster than Sound, and thus Sonic is slower.

Is there a Mario mushroom that makes you faster?

there isn't a mushroom but the invincible star makes u a little faster

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According to our testing Mario can drive faster then a train. to get that answer we drove Mario onto the track and drove into the train after it has just passed. This proves that Mario is faster then a train because to catch up with the train that has just passed we would have had to be faster then the train. Also we tested by waiting on the track until we could hear the train right behind us and we would start driving. Soon after we stopped again and we could barely even hear the train behind us.

Who is faster luigi or Mario?

tie they both are too fat and dum

Is Mario faster than Peach?

i dont know i do not have supermans brain

How do you turn into invisable Mario on super Mario galaxy 2?

You can turn invincible by grabbing a rainbow star. A rainbow Star lets you become faster and faster by the second, plus you get to be invincible for a amount of time.