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Q: Hexagon octagon pentagon rectangle square and triangle which one has smallest number of corners of these shapes?
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Hexagon is to pentagon as rectangle is to?

as rectangle is to square I would say Rectangle is to Triangle. Because Hexagon-6sides, pentagon-5 sides, Rectangle-4 sides, triangle 3 sides. But that is just me :)

What shape does not have curve?

A straight line, a triangle, an octagon, a pentagon, a hexagon a square a rectangle a.........

All sided polygons and their names?

square, triangle, polyhedron, octogon, pentagon, hexagon. dihedron, rectangle,

What is the relationship of a triangle square rectangle parallelograms quadrilaterals pentagon hexagon octagon?

They are a miscellaneous collection of polygons.

Can you list 5 polygons?

Triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon. Though, there are much more names of polygons.

What does not belong triangle square pentagon hexagon?


What shape does 6 triangles make?

pentagon i think?

Why does a triangle not belong with a square pentagon hexagon?


What is the cross section of a right rectangular prism?

The answer depends on the inclination of the intersecting plane. The cross section can be a point, a triangle, a rectangle, a pentagon or a hexagon.

What comes next after triangle square pentagon and hexagon?

Geometric figures in a plane can be 3-sided (triangle), 4-sided (square, rectangle, or, in general, quadrilateral), 5-sided (pentagon), 6-sided (hexagon), 7-sided (heptagon or septagon), 8-sided (octagon) and on and on in the polygons.

Which polygon has fewer sides than a hexagon?

A pentagon, quadrilateral or triangle.

What 2 shapes can you get when you cut a hexagon?

The answer depends on how you cut it.Even with a single straight cut you can get:a triangle and a heptagon,a triangle and a hexagon,a triangle and a pentagon,a quadrilateral and a hexagon,a quadrilateral and a pentagon,two quadrilaterals (trapezium),two pentagons.