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Computer science requires a lot of math.

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Q: How are math and computer science related?
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How does mathematics related to computer science?

Algebra is a basic requirement for computer science. Commands and formulas in computer science are all based on algebra. Without math, computer science wouldn't be a discipline.

Uses of computer in science?

When doing math (math is a branch of science).

How is science and math directly related?

you can not solve a science equation with out math

Science and Math?

they are related

You are taking a computer science and math class next semester?

computer science

Is engineering and computer science really for people who hate math?

No. Both engineering and Computer Science are very reliant on math.

How is chemistry related to computer science?

Computer Science is in no way related to chemistry.

What are the practices related to science?


How is science related to mathematics?

Well, actually science is the sister of math, but basically they are stepbros and sis. Science and math are related because in the real world, math is basically used everywhere. in science, math is important. -Shahana Khan

What is the open compound I'm taking computer science and math class next semester?

Computer Science A+++

How is math related to computer science and engineering?

i dont know? the way you help people by doing the stuff thjey need to with computeers?(edited by ayoth13) Sometimes math is needed to program computers as the basis for a computer's actions is math-- processes are based on math. Therefore, without a good amount of math training you might not be able to understand computer science.

Is math related to science?

You need math in most sciences

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