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Perimeter ratio is: is a path that surrounds an area and area ratio is: Area ratio is the cross sectional area of the nozzle exit divided by the cross sectional area of the nozzle throat.

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Q: How are perimeter ratio and area ratio related?
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Calculate floor perimeter area ratio?

the p/a ratio is the sum of the perimeter divided by the area therefore if perimeter is 20m and the area 25m2 the sum is 20/25=0.8

What shape has the highest surface area to perimeter ratio?


What is he ratio of the perimeter to the area for a square with side length x?

The ratio is [ 4/x per unit ].

How how do you find the ratio of an area?

The question is not specific enough for a sensible answer. It could refer to the ratio of the area of the shape to its perimeter or depending on its shape, the ratio of the area to the length of one or more of its sides.

How Are Linear Dimensions Perimeter and Area Related?

they are all related to math

What is the ratio of the perimeter to the area for a square with side length x?


How is area and perimeter related?

I think it depends on the shape

When applied to a triangle a dilation with a positive scale factor does not preserve to what?

The perimeter to area ratio.

Two triangular prisms are similar. The perimeter of each face of one prism is double the perimeter of the corresponding face of the other prism. How are the surface areas of the figures related?

The ratios of areas are the squares of the ratio of lengths (and the ratio of volumes are cubes of the ratio of lengths). As the perimeter of the second is twice the perimeter of the first, each length of the second is twice the length of the first, and so the ratio of the lengths is 1:2 Thus the ratio of the areas is 1²:2² = 1:4. Therefore the surface area of the larger prism is four times that of the smaller prism.

What is the ratio of the perimeter of the smaller triangle to the perimeter of the lager triangle?

the ratio of the perimeter of triangle ABC to the perimeter of triangle JKL is 2:1. what is the perimeter of triangle JKL?

What is the ratio of the area of a circle to the area of a square?

Circle and square are two entirely different shapes. But the ratio of areas of square to circle if their perimeter is equal is pi/4.

How is math related to soccer?

Not if you are the score-keeper or if you are doing the area or the perimeter or the area of the field

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