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1 trillion = 1 million million
= 1 thousand billion

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Q: How big is a trillion?
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How do you say 10000000000000000000000000000000000?

10 billion trillion trillion (its sorta big) (โŒโ– _โ– )

What is the number after a trillion?

a big number

Trillion big numbers?

What is a big number and what is not depends on the context. A trillion blood cells is a small number, a trillion living organisms on a planet is a small number. On the other hand, a trillion mammals on a planet is a large number.The measurement unit also makes a difference: I prefer to walk a trillion nanometres rather than wait for a bus. And I am more than 2 trillion milliseconds old.

How big is a normal house acres?

5 trillion acres wide.

Where was the universe one trillion years ago?

The big bang happened then!

How big is Ethiopia in square meters?

1.127 trillion square meters.

How big is Indiana in square feet?

1.02 trillion square feet, approx.

How big is Oahu in cm?

Oahu's area is 15.462 trillion square centimeters.

How big is Russia in square feet?

Approx 184.0 trillion square feet.

How big in meters squared is the gulf of Mexico?

1.6 trillion square meters.

Why was the universe not lifeless?

For three reasons.One, when the universe was born, it had so much energy at the "big bang" that its levels reached near-infinite, and therefore somehow spontaneously created matter. It then went from infinite to five trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion degrees. This cooling allowed matter to exist instead of being incinerated immediately.Two, something called "cosmic inflation" happened. This is something that science has not yet fully come to grasp with, and probably never will, but the universe increased in size 20 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion times.Three, we won the first war ever. There was a war between matter (us) and antimatter (them) and we won. This is not logical, because for every matter particle there is antimatter, but the universe was in such chaos such simple rules had not been developed.

How big is the national debt?

it had reached over a trillion last year and is still increasing

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