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? problem division and multiplication related a solve you help array an can how

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How can an array help you solve a related multiplication and division problem?
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What is a group of related multiplication and division facts that use the same numbers?


If an array shows a square number how many multiplication and division sentences can describe the array?


What are arrays?

An array is a picture or diagram of multiplication problem. Also, it means to place or to order a multiplication problem.

Can an abacus be used for multiplication and division?

Yes. An abacus is like an array so therefore it is possible to use it for multiplication up to the number of rods, and is able to be used for division by separating the beads.

What is an multiplication array?

A multiplication array is for example 30<10times9<2times5times3times3 and2times3 times3times5 that what is an array

How do you write a C program for a matrix multiplication using array?

Write your program and if you are having a problem post it here with a description of the problem you are having. What you are asking is for someone to do your homework for you.

Is array a multiplication or division word?

It's a multiplication word. E.g. The columns/height=5 and the rows/width=6 equals 30 (5x6=30). Or columns/height=3 and rows/width=2, so 3x2=6. It's not division. I'll explain why if you ask.

What is an array in math?

Arrays are drawings or doodles that can show you a multiplication.

Flow chart of multiplication of 2d array?

algorithm & flowchrt of 2d matrices

What does the word array means in math?

An array is a set of numbers that form some sort of regular arrangement. A linear array is a 1-dimensional array consisting of a row or a column of a set of numbers. A 2-dimensional array is a rectangular arrangement of numbers. And there are arrays with higher dimensions. The elements of an array need not be numbers: they could be variables, functions or expressions. In other words, it's a picture to describe a multiplication problem.

How do you draw an array to solve a problem?

The answer will depend on what the problem is: some can be solved using an array but for others, arrays are a complete waste of time.

How do you write a C-program for matrix addition and multiplication?

A C-program can be written for matrix addition and multiplication simply by using the two dimensional array function.

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