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You can calculate the cost per occupied room by evaluating all of the costs of each occupied room such as the cost of cleaning, maintenance or repairs. The addition of all of these costs together will give you the cost per occupied room in your building.

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Q: How can you calculate cost per occupied room?
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How do you calculate the cost per occupied room for laundry chemicals?

Weigh the linen from a room - topsheet, towels, spreads, bathmat, sheers, etc. Determine your cwt for processed goods (cost per hundred weight). Example: each room averages 15 pounds of linen. Your chemical cost to process 100 pounds is 1.50. Your cost per occupied room is 10 cents

What is cost per occupied room?

The actual cost per room per day for laundry products - for example, if a motel/hotel spends $600.00 a month for laundry products, and it was a 30 day month, the cost per day would be easy to calculate: $600.00 divided by 30 days = $20.00 per day. Hotels normally know their occupance rate (or percentage). If this example is a 200 room facility, with 65% occupancy at month end: 30 days times 200 rooms = 6000 times .65 (65%) = 3900 occupied rooms. Take the same $600.00 total cost in this example divided by the 3900 occupied room and you should come up with slightly over .15 cents per occupied room. Cost per occupied room is generally calculated on a month by month basis.

How do you calculate average number of nights occupied per room and the occupancy rate if the given was only the number of rooms and number of nights occupied from January to December?

Average number of nights occupied per room = Number of nights occupied from January to December / Number of rooms.Occupancy rate = 100 * Average number of nights occupied per room /365

How can you calculate occupancy rate of hotel with complimentary and house use rooms?

Do you mean how do you calculate occupancy or how do you calculate the Average Daily rate? To calculate the Average Rate = Rooms Revenue divided by Rooms Sold To Calculate Occupancy = Total Rooms Sold divided by Total number of rooms available in the hotel x 100

How do you calculate Cost Per Rented Room?

The total cost divided by the number of rooms sold equals your CPRR.

What does cpor stand for in the hotel business?

cost per occupied roomnight

How do you calculate cost per sq. meter?

That would depend what information you are given. The cost of floor tiling is often already expressed per square meter. If you know the total cost of a certain floor, you can divide by the area to get the cost per square meter.

How do you calculate cost per wearing?

your mom knows the answer

How much do hotels spend on complentary toiletries per year?

We sell toiletries to UK hotels through our online store. Miniature shampoos and the like can cost between 5p and 25p depending on quality selected and so a 100 bed hotel providing and average of 4 items per room per night (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap), would pay between 20p and £1 per occupied room. If they are 75% occupied, 75 rooms per night mutliplied by 365 days = 27,375 room nights. So they spend between £5,475 and £27,375pa. That's £54.75 and £273.75 per room in the hotel pa.

How do you calculate variable cost per unit?

Variable cost per unit = Total variable cost / total number of units manufactured

How much money for a hotel room at Ramada?

it cost 80 per room

How do you generate or determine room rates?

If it deals with AVERAGE ROOM RATE then:- TOTAL REVENUE divided by the No of ROOM OCCUPIED for that period. E.G:- no of rooms availabe - 500 occupancy - 75 % (375 rooms occupied) total revenue - 93750 thus, AVG ROOM RATE =93750/375 =Rs 250 /- per room. (SOUMIK)