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12/5 an improper fraction = (5*1 + 2)/5 = 7/5.

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2012-10-13 14:35:26
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Q: How can you change one and one fifths to improper fraction?
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What is one and two fifths in an improper fraction?

1 and 2/5 as an improper fraction is 7/5

How do you write one half and four fifths as an improper fraction?

One half and four fifths can't be written as improper fractions.

Would a fraction be greater than 1 and still be called a fraction or an improper fraction instead of just improper fraction?

An improper fraction is something like 7/5, or seven fifths. If it was something like this, 1 2/5, or one and two fifths, it would be a compound number.

What is one and four fifths as an improper fraction?

It is: 1 and 4/5 = 9/5 as an improper fraction9/5

What is a fraction flipped upside down?

It is an Improper Fraction 7/5 should be written as 1 2/5 or one and two-fifths

Improper fraction for 2 and one fifth?

2 can be written as 10/5 or ten fifths. Add one fifth (1/5) and you get 11/5 or eleven fifths.

How do you subtract mixed numbers and improper fraction?

First you would want to change the mixed number to an improper fraction. Then you can subtract

What is 8 over 12 in an improper fraction?

Fractions can be proper or improper, one cannot change one to the other.

How do you change proper fraction to an improper fraction?

You cannot. A proper fraction is one whose absolute value is less than 1 while an improper fraction is one whose absolute value is at least one.

What is 9.064 as a fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 9.064 is equal to 9 8/125, or nine and eight one-hundred and twenty-fifths.

How do you change improper to proper fraction?

To change an improper fraction to a proper fraction a person has to find the lowest common denominator. For example, the fraction 3/6 can be broken down to 1/2 by dividing the 6 by the 3 and finding the common denominator to be 2.

How can you write 7 fifths as an inproper fraction and as a mixed number?

Seven fifths is written as an improper fraction- one where the numerator is larger than the denominator- as 7/5. It is written as a mixed number- a number with an integer and a fraction- as 1 and 2/5.

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