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Try to decompose the figure into simple figures, for which formulae are known - such as triangles, rectangles, circular segments, etc.

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Q: How can you decompose figures to find area?
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How do you find the area of 3 numbers?

You don't. You can find the area of geometric figures, not of numbers.

How do we find the area of a figure?

Different figures have different rules to determine the area of it.

How do you find the area or perimeter of composite figures?

Not easily. You need to find the area or perimeter of the components and sum them.

How do you find the area of figures?

Multiply length times width.

How does knowing the area of two-dimensional figures help you find the surface area of a three-dimensional shape?

The surface area of the 3-D figure will be the total of the areas of the 2-D figures.

How do you find the area of a binomial?

A binomial is an algebraic expression. It does not have an area.

How do you find the perimeter and area of irregular figures with irregular sizes of squares?

by subtracting

What are the basic formula of plane figures?

Different figures have different formulae; here you will find formulae for the areas of some figures:

How can coordinates help you to find the area of figures on the coordinate plane?

Once you know the coordinates, you can use the distance formula to find the lengths of the sides, then using that, you can find the area.

How do you find area of polygon composite figures?

You get the area by using formulas. There is usually a specific formula to find the area of each shape. Some irregular shaps may not have a formula.

How do you find the area of irregular figures?

To find the area, first divide the shape into regular, simple shapes. Then use formulas to find the area of the smaller, regular shapes. Lastly, add up all the smaller areas to find the area of the original shape.

How do slugs decompose?

I have no idea you find out

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