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In the same way that you would solve equations because equivalent expressions are in effect equations

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Q: How can you solve problems involving equivalent expressions?
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How do you solve problems involving discounts?

cost * (1 - discount % as a decimal)

What method is used to solve problems involving scale drawings?

Ariana Grande

How can you solve problems involving multiplication division addition subtraction?

By doing the arithmetic.

How do you solve an algeraba problem?

There are lots of different types of problems in algebra; you have to learn each type separately. For example, how to add similar expressions; how to multiply expressions; how to factor polynomials; how to solve equations; etc.

How are word problems with equations different from word problems with expressions?

It may be possible to solve equations. Expressions cannot be solved until they are converted, with additional information, into equations or inequalities which may have solutions.

How do you solve problems involving number patterns?


How are patterns or methods use to solve problems involving products of two binomials?

By Trowing garbages

How are number patterns expressions and equations used to solve problems?

the sum of a number and 16 is equal tu 45

How do you solve factors maths problem?

There are many problems involving factors and the question needs to be more specific.

How are problems involving arithmetic and sequences and series solve and applied in the physical world?

Dahil sa tae.

How do you solve proper fractions?

You cannot solve proper fractions. You may be able to solve problems involving fractions but that is NOT the same thing. Furthermore, the solution methods depend on the problem.

Why is knowledge of Algebra is essential for an engineer?

Algebra is used to solve simple problems involving know and unknown variables.