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You can use 3 quarters 6 nickles and 5 pennies.

75 plus 30 equals 1 dollar and 5 cents plus 5 pennies is $1.10

3 plus 6 is 9 plus 5 equals 14. So now you know you have 14 coins and $1.10

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Q: How can you use 14 coins to make 1 dollar and 10 cents?
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What 6 coins can you use to make 80 cents?

Half-Dollar + dime + four nickels

How do you make one dollar using three different types of coins and use sixteen coins in total?

four dimes equal 40 cents ten nickels equal fifty cents ten pennies equal 10 cents Add the 3 groups of coins for one dollar

What is the fewest number of coins you can use to make cents?

Two coins

Use 24 coins to make a dollar?

20 x 1 cent = 0.20 3 x 10 cents = 0.30 1 x 50 cents = 0.50

How do you make 60 cents with 3 coins in two ways?

With US coins, a half-dollar and two nickels, or two quarters and a dime. If you have 20-cent coins, 3 of those, or the 50 cent and two 5 cent coins.

What four coins can you use to make 62 cents?

You need 3 coins- the 50 cent piece, a dime, and a penny.

How do you use 4 coins to make 66 cents?

You would have to use a half dollar coin (which is not common) along with 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 1 penny

What coins make 55 cents if you cannot use a nickel?

The puzzle is normally "What two coins make 55 cents if one is not a nickel?" The answer of course is a half dollar and a nickel, because the half dollar is the one that's not a nickel - nothing is said about BOTH not being nickels! Otherwise the answer is straightforward: three dimes and one quarter.

How to make 34 cents with 8 coins?

You will use 4 pennies, 2 nickles, and 2 dimes to make 34 cents with 8 coins.

How to make 55 cents with 15 coins?

To make 55 cents with 15 coins you will use 10 pennies, 1 quarter, and 4 nickles.

What 26 coins can you use to make a dollar?

The question cannot be answered because you have failed to identify the country. The smallest coin in Australia is 5 cents and 26 of them would be more than a dollar.

What 10 coins use to make dollar?

10 x 10c coins