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They used the abacus

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Q: How did people solve math problems before the modern calculator?
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How do Brazilian people work out sums?

We use the most modern scientific calculator.

What are some of the benefits of using a financing calculator?

Accountants, business people, financiers and students could benefit from a financial calculator. Unlike a scientific calculator or basic one, a financial calculator is geared more towards financial problems. It will quickly reduce long complex complications.

What was the first calculator invented called?

If you mean electronically, then it would still be called a calculator. But, before that, people used the abacus, which had lots of sliding thingies and such.

How is was changes that have occurred to the calculator?

that calculators have change by the time that people have not used them cause them to us cause they maybe hard problems

How did calculators help the world?

It is a lot easier and faster to do your homework with a calculator.

In what parts of the world did most people live before modern times?

Most people lived in Europe and Asia.

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he kept on raping people

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Calculators are used to help one quickly solve mathematical problems. Depending on ones calculator one can determine many different things involving the initial problem.

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It a calculator which works out the compatability between two people.

What parts of the world did most people live before modern?

Europe and Asia

How did people count or sort before modern numbers?

They used olden numbers!

What is the set of analytical and mathematical tools designed to help researchers gain understanding from the data they gather?

most people in the modern age use a miraculous device called a calculator