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7 cm 8 mm - 6 cm = 1 cm 8 mm = 1.8 cm or 18 mm

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Q: How do calculate 7cm 8mm equals 6cm how much mm?
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Can a triangle have sides of 5cm 6cm and 7cm?

Yes, it can. And if you do the math, some basic trigonometry, you can calculate the angles in the triangle.

How do you simplify 36cm 42cm?

6cm 7cm

If a shoe box measures 6cm high 7cm wide and 20cm long what is its volume?

6cm x 7cm x 20cm = 840cm3

What one has a greater area 6cm or 5cm and 7cm?

Information provided in the question is not enough to answer. We can only say that for the given lengths: 7cm > 6cm > 5cm

Can a triangle have sides 6cm 7cm and 15 cm?


What is the volume of a cuboid measuring 5cm by 6cm by 7cm?


What kind of triangle has sides that measure 7cm 3cm and 6cm?


What is the perimeter of 7cm by 6cm?

Assuming that this is a rectangle, you know that the length (longer side) would be 7cm, and the width (shorter side) would be 6cm. The formula for perimeter is, 2(length) + 2(width) = Perimeter Now we can plug in our numbers, 2(7cm) + 2(6cm) = 14cm + 12cm = 26cm The perimeter would be 26cm, assuming that this is a rectangle ^^

What is the surface area of a cylinder with a height of 7cm and a diameter of 6 cm?

A cylinder with a height of 7cm and a diameter of 6cm has a surface area of 188.5cm2

If triangle poq is similar to aob given that op equals 7cm oa equals 10.5cm pq equals 6cm and ob equals 9cm find the lengths of oq andab?

Not sure the exact length but the connection is 3oq=2ob , 3/2oq=ob

What is the area and the perimeter 7cm by 6cm?

Area 42 cm2, perimeter 26 cm.

What is the average of 6cm 9cm 7cm 10cm?

6+9+7+10=32 ÷ 4 = 8cm

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