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Divide by 1000, kilo is the prefix for 1000.

so 100000 divided by 1000 = 100

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Q: How do you Convert 100000 volts into kilovolts?
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What is 50 kilovolts when written in volts?

To convert from kilovolts to volts you must multiply the kilo volts by 1,000 much like you have to multiply metres by 1,000 if tryng to find kilometres. So 50kV x 1,000 = 50,000V

How many kilovolts is in 1200 volts?

900,000 Volts. That is Nine Hundred Thousand volts.

How many kilovolts are in 12000 volts?


Another name for 1000 volts?

Kilovolts or kV.

How many volts are in 12kilo volts?

Kilo means 1000 so there are 12,000 volts in 12 Kilovolts

How many volts are in 9 kilo-volts?

Kilo means 1,000. So there are 9,000 volts in 9 kilovolts

Why kilo watts converted in kilo volts?

Kilowatts are never converted to kilovolts. There's no direct relationship between them, without involving other quantities in the circuit. Watts = (volts) times (amperes) Kilowatts = (kilovolts) times (amperes) Kilovolts = kilowatts/amperes

How many kilo volts are there in 6200mV?

6200 millivolts = 0.0062 kilovolts.

What is the procedure to convert kilowattas to kilovolts?

You cannot convert watts to volts. Volt is a measure of potential difference.. in other words the 'push' in the circuit that makes the current flow. Watts are a measure of energy used. V x I = W Where V= Volts I= Current in Amps (A) W= Watts

How many kilovolts are in a milliamp?

Volts and Amps are different units and can't be compared as you suggest.

What is equivalent to 1.0V in physics?

You can convert that to kilovolts, or to millivolts, if you like.

A large generator produces 550000 volts How many kilovolts is that?

550, as 1 kV = 1000V