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22/220 = 0.1 = 10%

If Gopal was absent 10% of the school year, his attendance was 90%.

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Q: How do you calculate this A school worked 220 days in a year .Gopal was absent for 22 days. Find attendance percentage for the year.?
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What does absent mean?

Absent means not in attendance. You can be absent from school, be absent minded or absent in physical presence for example.

Why is it important to have good attendance?

Having good attendance means you actually care for what your professor is doing, in school. At work, good attendance means no salary discounts because no employer likes their employees to be absent.

What is the definition of unlawful detention on a schools attendance records mean?

Unlawful detention in a school attendance context is when a student is absent from the school with the knowledge and/or consent of his or her parent or guardian for reasons not considered legal by the school, district or other administrative or governing body. It is in effect an unexcused absence.

Can a school get the attendance record from another school?

No, because then it is going to be another school's attendance record.

How do you use the word attendance in a sentence?

The attendance rate of the school was almost perfect.

Is number of days absent from school and the mark in the examination a positive and negative or no correlation?

No correlation. The mark you get in your exam, relates to the number of correct answer you have given. It has nothing to do with your class attendance.

How do you calculate your percentage of attendance at school if the school year is 180 days with 7 class periods and you have 101 absences 1 absence equals 1 class period?

91.98%school year: = 180 days * 7 class periods/1 day= 1260 class periodsnumber of class periods present = total - absences= 1260 - 101= 1159% of attendance = 1159/1260 * 100% = 91.98%

Where can one find their attendance time?

It depends on what attendance time one is looking for. If one is talking about school attendance time, then he or she can check that on the online school's website for grades and attendance.

How do use the word attendance in a sentence?

The attendance rate of the school was almost perfect.

How does school would related to chromosome?

well i have the same question but i answered it as like the attendance history if the students been present tardy or absent. im not sure if it right though. i hope this helpss.

What best describes school attendance in the US during the late 1800s?

attendance was compulsory, but not every child attended school

How do you get a certificate of attendance in high school?

always be present while taking an attendance and bunk.....

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