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in a canon mp20dhii where are the 4 posts located to change ribbon

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Q: How do you change ribbon on canon MP20DHII?
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What is Canon ribbon used for?

The Canon ribbon is used as a part of Canon's machines. For example, the Canon ribbon might be used for Canon's printers and for Canon's digital cameras.

What is the ribbon change view?

view tab on ribbon

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very carefully

Which tab on the Ribbon do we use to change our font size?

The Home tab.

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Which menu (Ribbon) of Microsoft Word would you use to change the size of graphics?

I'm not really sure what you're asking here. What do you mean by "change the size of graphics?" If you want to change how the ribbon is displayed, there are 3 different options: Auto-hide the ribbon: Also known as full screen mode; Hides the ribbon when it's inactive. You can view it again by clicking the minimized bar at the top. Show Tabs: This only shows the ribbon tabs and none of the commands or icons. Show Tabs and Commands: The default setting; This keeps the ribbon tabs and commands always visible. I hope this helped answer your question!

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Page Layout