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Use this conversion: square feet divided by 43,560 = acres

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Q: How do you convert square footage into acres of land?
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How long and how wide is 3 acres?

An Acre was originally the amount of land an ox could plough in one day and was 1 chain wide by 10 chains long, or 22yds x 220yds or 66ft x 660ft.In modern measurements an acre is 43,500 square feet. 3 acres would be 130,680 square feet. The square root of 130,680 is 361.5 (361.496887953 rounded up)So if the 3 acres were perfectly square this would be measure 361.5 feet long and 361.5 feet wide.However, acres are not typically in perfect squares. Acres measure an area of land and not a perfect shape; so long as the square footage is accurate, the actual length and width will vary between most parcels of land.Another answer:question needs more detail , however ;3 acres = 130 680 square feet,361 x 361 = 130 ,321 ; hence an area measuring 361 by 361length / width , will be almost 3 acres of measure of land

How many square feet in 4.10 acres of land?

4.10 acres = 4.10*43560 = 178596 sq feet.4.10 acres = 4.10*43560 = 178596 sq feet.4.10 acres = 4.10*43560 = 178596 sq feet.4.10 acres = 4.10*43560 = 178596 sq feet.

What is the square footage of England?

265,826,880 square feet, though I'm not sure if the given measurement in the source includes only land mass or claimed surrounding water as well, and if that even matters to you.

How wide is a acre of land and how long?

An acre is a unit of area. It can have many different dimensions and can be in any shape, including regular and irregular polygons. The square footage for 1 acre is 43560 square feet.

How many miles are in 2500 acres of land?


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