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2 horizontal cuts and 3 vertical cuts


3 horizontal cuts and 2 vertical cuts

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Q: How do you cut a square into 12 pieces?
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A greek cross should form a square when you cut it into 4 pieces how could you do that?

cut into 4 pieces

How do you cut a round cake into twenty square pieces?

Grid it

What are Chinese square puzzles cut into seven pieces?


What melts faster milk or water?

of course they can be cut into a square. if you peel the skin of and cut it into pieces you can cut it into a square, rectangle, and many other shapes.

Is one third bigger than one twelfth?

Yes. When you cut a pizza into 3 pieces, the pieces are bigger than they are when you cut it into 12 pieces.

How many 10 inch pieces can be cut from a board that is 12 feet long?

1 foot = 12 inches so 12 feet = 12*12 = 144 inches from which 14 10" pieces can be cut.

A strip of wood 66 inches long is to be cut into five and a half inch pieces. how many pieces can be cut?


How many pieces of vinyl soffit are in a square?

8 pieces make a square for vinyl soffit. I install it and I know. 12" x 12' piece.

A strip of wood 66 inches long is to be cut into 5 and a half-inch pieces How many pieces can be cut?

The answer is 12. 66/5.5 = 660/55 = 12

How can you cut a square cake to serve 6 people?

The best way to divide a square cake into 6 pieces would to first cut the cake in half (creating 2 pieces) and cutting each of those 2 pieces into thirds (creating 6 pieces).

How do you make thirds with square?

you cut the square in to three little pieces and voila! you just made thirds with a square!

A strip of wood 66 inches long is to be cut into 5 1 2 inch pieces How many pieces can be cut?


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