How do you explain a right triangle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Triangle with a perfectly 90 Degree angle, which also should have a corner which is perfectly square. :D

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Q: How do you explain a right triangle?
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Can a right triangle also be an isosceles triangle explain?

yep totaly man

Explain in the pythagorean theorem must be a right triangle?

yes it only apllies to the right triangle and "c" is the hypotnuse of the triangles

Can a right triangle be both scalene and isosceles Explain.?


Can a right triangle be both a scalene and isosceles?

Sometimes an isosceles triangle but never a scalene triangle with 3 interior acute angles.

Explain how distances can be found using a right triangle?

Using trigonometric ratios.

Can you explain whether or not a triangle with dimensions in inches of VIII by IX by XII is a right angled triangle?

using Pythagoras; check if 122 = 92+82 the equation is false then no it isn't a right triangle

Can you Explain in 5 paragraphs how to measure the angles of a right triangle?

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!

Why pythagoras is applicable in right angled triangle?

I won't explain it in depth but the simple answer is because if you take and identical right triangle then you can arrange them to make a rectangle. I've attached a link to an animation showing it rearranging a triangle to show the relationship.

Is a triangle with sides of length 6 ft 21 ft 23 ft a right triangle explain why?

No it is not. To be a right triangle the largest number squared has to equal the sum of the squares of the other two sides (Pythagorean theorem).

Do all triangles have 2 legs and one hypotenuse EXPLAIN?

Nope. The hypotenuse is defined as the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle. a 45 - 45 -90 right triangle would, for instance, have two legs and a hypotenuse. However an equilateral triangle would not.

To trisect a right angle you first construct an triangle?

equilateral * * * * * * * No its right. Apex is stupid in ways no one can explain so yeah...

Does the Pythagorean relationship hold true for a right triangle with side length that are not whole number explain how?