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(11x - 8)(x + 3)

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Q: How do you factor 11xsquared plus 25x - 24?
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How do you factor 11xsquared plus 25x-24?

The problem is 11x2 + 25x - 24. First, you check to see if there is any common number that can be factored out. There isn't. Then, you see what the factors of 11 are. 11 is a prime number, so there is only 11 and 1 that multiply to form eleven. Set up your two equations like this. (11x [leave this blank]) (x [leave this blank]) Now we're looking for numbers that multiply to give you -24. You could have -1 and 24, -2 and 12, -3 and 8, -4 and 6, -6 and 4, -8 and 3, -12 and 2, and -24 and 1. After some careful thought and mental math, you should find that -8 and 3, once you factor in the 11, should be the right fit. Try it out. (11x -8) (x + 3) 11x2 + 33x - 8x - 24 11x2 + 25x - 24 Then take these two equations and solve for x. 11x - 8 = 0 x = 8/11 x + 3 = 0 x = -3 And that gives you your answer. It takes a lot of practice to get it quickly - a lot of your tries won't give you the right answer. Just keep trying and you'll get the hang of it.

How do you slove x2-25x plus 24?

Factorise to (x-1)(x-24)=0 then either x-1 = 0 or x-24 = 0 so x=1 or x=24

How do you factor 216x3 plus 24?

Divide both terms by 24. 24(9x3 +1)

Factor the polynomial x2 plus 5x - 24 Write each factor as a polynomial in descending order?

2x+5x-24 7x2-24

How do you factor 15x2 plus 66x plus 24?


What is the answer to 5x2 plus 37x plus -24 if you factor it?

(5x - 3)(x + 8)

What is the factor expression for 8a plus 24?

8(a + 3)

How do you factor 24w plus 24z?

24(w + z)

How do you factor 24k plus 96?

24(k + 4)

How do you factor 5s squared plus 23 plus 24?


How do you factor 3y2 plus 18y plus 24?

3(y + 4)(y + 2)

How do you factor 5x sqared plus 26x plus 24?

(5x + 6)(x + 4)

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