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It depends on left over after what!

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Q: How do you find the area of the left over circle?
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Inside a circle a square is inscribed what is the ratio of areas of the square to that circle?

First we need to find the relationship between the length of a square side (x) and the radius of the circle (r). The radius of the circle is half of the diagonal of the square. Thus the length of the diagonal is 2r. Using the Pythagorean theorem, we can look at the square as two triangles where the diagonal of the square is the hypotenuse, and find the length x of the sides. The Pythagorean theorem states that a2 + b2 = c2 for a right triangle, where c is the hypotenuse, and a and b are the other side. Since it is a square, we know a=b and thus a2 = b2. Thus we get 2a2=c2. Since we know that c = the diagonal of the square = 2r and we defined the side of the square's length as x, we get: 2x2 = (2r)2 = 4r2 thus x2=2r2 We'll get back to that in a sec. We know the area of the circle is πr2, and the area of the square is x2, but we want these in terms of the same variable to compare them. From above, we saw that x2=2r2, so now we know that the area of the square = 2r2 To find the ratio of the square's area to the circle's area, we look at the area of the square over the area of the circle: (2r2)/(πr2) = 2/π Thus the ratio is 2/π.

What is pi in math?

Pi is the number used to find the circumference or area of a circle. It is also used to calculate the surface area and volume of a sphere, cylinder, and cone. It can be shortened as 3.14 Numerically it is 3.1415 then a long string of numbers that never end as it is an irrational number. Over 1 million decimal places to the value have been identified. Some folks use 22/7 as a quick value for pi as it is within 0.3% of the correct value. As to what it is: Pi ( π) is the ratio between the radius of a circle and its circumfrance. The value allows calculation of the area and circumfrance of a circle and the volume of a sphere.

How many times does 14 go into 39?

Twice, with 11 left over.

Can a multiplication chart be used to find division facts?

Yes, it can. You would find the divisor in the left-most column and then follow that row over to the dividend. Once you find the dividend, you can trace that colummn up to find out the quotient. For example: In the problem 72 divided by 9 equals what, you would find the 9 in the left column and trace 9's row over to 72. Then you follow the column that you find the 72 in up to find the answer, which will be 8. You can also find the answer the other way. Look for the 9 in the top row and trace its column down to the 72. Once you've found the 72, trace its row to the left-most column to find the answer.

How many times can 23 go into 85?

3, with 16 left over.

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If the area of a circle is 25 square units what is the radius of the circle?

area equals pi r squared therefor r squared equals area over pi. Now find square root of r squared and you have "R" (radius) = 2.821

Does the area of a circle equal pi?

no, the area of a circle equals pi times the radius squared or circumference times diameter over four.

What fraction of the area of a circle of radius 5 lies between concentric circles of radius 3 and 4?

The area of a circle with radius 5 is 25 pi. Concentric circles with radius 3 and 4 have areas of 9 pi and 16 pi. The concentric circle with radius four consumes the circle with radius 3. 25 pi minus 16 pi leaves 9 pi of the circle with radius 5 left over. 16 pi is slightly over three-fifths of the circle with radius 5.

What is the area of a circle with a diamter of 16cm?

64 pi ie just over 201 sq cm

Find Area if Pi equals 3 and 1 over 7 and the radius equals 14?

If it is a circle than the formula to find the area is pi*(r)^2, which gives you 616.

Where to find Bose stores in NY?

You can find Bose stores all over the state of New York. they have one in Canal street which is their biggest store in the area. They have another one in Columbus Circle.

What is an area of a circle bounded by two radii?

Working in degrees, the angle of the greater radius, minus the lesser radius, all over 360, gives the proportion of the area of the circle that is bounded by the radii. This can then be multiplied by the area of the whole circle to give the bounded area.

What is the area of a circle is the diameter is 16?

Divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius. Then use the formula for the area of a circle: area = pi x radius2.

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 3 over 4?

Using 3.14 as Pi the area of circle is: 28.259999999999998

What is the area of 15 3 over 5?

In order to have an area, you must have a plane (or a.k.a. a figure). For example: A square or circle.

How do you find the circumference of a circle by using 22 over 7 as pi?

Multiply 22/7 by the diameter of the circle. Or 3.14

Why is sine used?

when trying to find the angle of a right triangle using only the opposite leg and the hypotenuse, eg. angle =sin opp leg over hyp * * * * * Also to find the area of a triangle if two sides and the included angle are known. Or the area of a sector of a circle.