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Discount = Original Price minus Sale price.

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Q: How do you find the discount if you have the original price and the sale price?
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How do you find the percent of discount if you know the original price in the sale price?

Percentage discount = 100*(1 - sale price/original price)

How do you find the original price if you only have the sale price?

If you have only the sale price you cannot find the original price. You need to know the discount rate.

How do you find the original amount if you only have a sale price and a discount?

If the discount is D percent and the sale price is S, then the original price was S*100/(100-D)

How do you calculate original price if iam given the discount and the on sale price?

Original price = Sale price + Discount amount

How do you find original price of sale price?

The answer depends on what information you have. If the sale price is s and the sale discount is d% then original price = 100*s/(100 - d)

Difference between the original price and the sale price?


If the sale price is 84 with the discount of 30 percent What is the original price?

The original price was 120.00

How do you find discount?

If you are asking about a sale where prices are discounted. Multiply the percentage (X percent as X divide 100) by the original amount to find . To find the new price, subtract the discount amount from the original price.

The difference between the original price and the sale price of an item?


How do you find discount when you are giving original and sale price?

Subtract the sale price from the original price and get the difference of the two. Take the difference and then divide it by the original price to get a decimal. Multiply the decimal by 100 to get percent (discount). Example: Original price $20, sale price $15. 20-15= 5 5/20= 0.25 0.25x100= 25% To check your work, take the original price and multiply it by the discount. If the result is the same as the difference between the original price and the sale price, it is correct. Example: $20x 0.25 (25%percent)= $5 $20-$5=$15 (sale price). Hope this helps

What is the original price if the discount is 40 percent and the sale price is 13.80?

The original price is 23.00, as 13.80 is 60% of it.

The regular price of an item is 79.99 the discount percent 15 percent find the discount and the sale price?

The discount value is $11.99 and the sale price is $67.99

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