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Measure it.

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Q: How do you find the mass of a block of wood?
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What do you use to find the mass of a block of wood?

To find the mass of a block of wood you should use a triple beam balance.

How is the mass of a wood block related to its volume?

Density of wood = mass/volume

How do you find the density of a block of wood?

you weigh the block on a balance get its mass if it is a regular shape block so the volume should be length * weadth * breadth (side * side * side) the density = mass / volume

What is the density of the wood block?

Density = Mass/Volume

If a block of wood has a volume of 40 cubic cm and a mass of 30 grams what is its density?

Density is mass divided by volume. This block of wood is therefore 0.75g per cubic cm.

What is theweight of a block of wood iin pounds?

A block of wood can be of different sizes; this will affect the mass, and weight, a lot. To a lesser degree, the weight of a block of wood will also depend on the density, since different types of wood have different densities.

How are the wood block golfball and water alike?

volume,weight and mass

What is the density of a block of wood that has a volume of ml and a mass of g?

since D=m/v... then the density of the block of wood would be mass / volume..... mass in grams divided by volume in ml.

What is the Latin word for block?

Block, as in a chunk of wood = stipes Block, as in block and tackle = rechamus Block, as in a large mass = massa Block, as a verb; to blockade = obsepire

Is the mass of a wooden block is 23 grams?

depends on its size and the density of the wood.

Will a block of wood with a mass of 1000 grams will sink in water?

No. It doesn't matter how heavy a block of wood is, it depends on the density of the wood. Generally wood floats as the density of wood is lighter than the density of the water, so it would float.

Uses of block of wood in physics?

A block of wood is sometimes used in the laboratory to elevate certain objects. Often, a lab-jack is used instead of a wooden block.