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-- Find out the population of the area.

-- Find out the area of the area.

-- Divide the population by the area. The result

is the population density of the area.

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Q: How do you find the pupulation density of an area?
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What is pupulation density and it's reasons in nigeria?

population density is defined as the number of persons per square kilometre of land.

What is the with which you can caculatepopulation density?

Pop. density is the aver population per unit area. So to find P.D. divide population by area.

How do you find density if area is given?

If you know the other dimension you can multiply it by the area to get the volume. Otherwise you can only get the area density (houses per square mile etc).

Which Country in South Asia has the highest population density?

Which South Asian country has the highest pupulation? The Anwser to that would be, Singapore. :)

How do you find volume given area and density?

Density = Mass/Volume So you'd need the mass.

How do you find area when given width and mass and density?

Density = Mass/Volume so Volume = Mass/Density. Therefore the Volume can be calculated. Volume = Area [of cross section] * Width So Width = Volume/Area.

What was the pupulation in Nevada 100 years ago?


What is the overall population density of the US?

The population density of the US is 32/km2. To find the population density of a place, you divide the total population by the area of the place. US - Population : 313,839,000 Area : 9,826,675 km2

What are different examples of types of density?

linear density area density volume density linear density area density volume density

What is the current pupulation of France?

Over 64 Million people to this day

How does upward pressure find?

pressure =force/ area pressure of a liquid is density time height.

How do you find gram per square meter from density?

That is really impossible. Square meter is an area.