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Wavelength = speed divided by frequency.

Speed = distance divided by time.


Wavelength = distance divided by (frequency x time).

You therefore need to know the frequency of the wave and the time it takes to travel in unit time.

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Q: How do you find wavelength when distance is given?
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What is the best way to describe wavelength?

the distance a wave travels in a given amount

What is the length of one cycle of oscillation?

In physics the distance is called wavelength. Period is the time it takes for one wavelength of wave to pass through a given point.

How do you find the wavelength of a longitudnal wave?

By measuring the distance between compression

What is wavelength nm?

Wavelength is the distance between repeating units of a propagating wave of a given frequency. For light waves, this value is often given in nanometers, abbreviated as "nm". A nanometer is 0.000000001 meters.

What is the relationship wavelength and frequency?

Frequency is the number of wavelenghts passing though a given point in one second. Wavelength is the distance between two crest or troughs. The relationship between wavelenght and frequency is given by f = 1/wavelength. where f = frequency

How do you find the inverse frequency of a wave?

The inverse of frequency is the period, which is the distance between two consecutive crests. If you are given frequency (f), period = 1/f

The distance between one wave crest and another is known as the?

This distance is one wavelength

How do you find the period of a wave if you are given the wavelength?

You cannot because there is not sufficient information.

How do you find wavelength of an alpha particle when given the velocity?

use de Broglie's wavelength: lambda = h/mv

How can you find the wavelength by observing a standing wave?

If you are looking for the simple answer, you measure its horizontal distance.

What is the distance between the crests of two waves?

That distance is called the wavelength.

The distance between two successive peaks on a wave is its?

The distance between successive identical parts of a wave is called the wave length.