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you can try to win the 1st prize in Pokemon lottery at jubilife city

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Q: How do you get 900 masterball without action replay?
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How do you get 900 of all items in your pocket without action replay?

you cant

How do you get 900 rare candies in Pokemon heartgold without action replay codes?

You look around for them on the game. That's the only way.

How do you get 900 masterballs?

Gameshark/action replay, or maybe hire 900 people to trade you masterballs.

Real 999x rare candy cheat for Pokemon platinum?

you can get 900, rare candys if you have action replay. however, the action replay won't work on the dsi

What is an action replay in sole silver?

An action replay is a thing you put in the ds slot then put ds game in slot hole of action replay and you can do codes such as:900 of every pokeball known to man ,200x exp points

Can you get 900 master balls with a cheat code without action replay?

first thing you can only have 900 master balls if you use cheats. you say you dont want with action replay, so i know that the R4 has cheats already build in so you can choose the cheats you want without any codes.

How do you get 900 master balls in Pokemon white DS?

You need an action replay, or 900 friends who are willing to give you their masterballs.

How do you get 900 master balls on Pokemon black?

You don't, unless you buy a action replay.

How do you get infinite master balls for Pokemon heartgold?

well you can but you need to use the action replay to or else it is impossilble cuz there is a code to get 900 master balls (remember you need a action replay)

What is the 900 of all medicine items code for Pokemon Platinum?

What is the Pokemon 900 medicine code for action replay to Pokemon platinum

How do you activate Old Amber and shield Fossil 900 of each on the Action Replay?

that's my name

How do you get 99 rare candies in soul silver?

the only way is action replay exept acion replay gives u 900 rare candys