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42 = 4x4 = 16

1+2+3+4+3+2+1 = 16

(3-1) x (2x4) = 16
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Q: How do you get the number 16 only using 1234?
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How do you get the number 16 only using 1234 once?

How about: 2*(1+3+4) = 16

How many two digit numbers can be made using the digits 1234?

With repeats: 4×4 = 16; Without repeats: 4×3 = 12.

How do you make 16 with 1234?

4*(3+2-1) = 4*4 = 16

How many proper subsets does the set A equals 1234 have?


What was the only prime number that is a factor of 16?

The factors of 16 are 1,2,4,8 & 16. A prime number is only divisible by itself and 1. Therefore the only prime number is 2.

What 3 numbers equal 16?

There is only one number that equals 16. That number is 16.

How do you convert a number to hexadecimal form?

In a programming sense or a mathematical sense? Mathematically, it is the same method as used to convert between any number bases: Divide the number by the new base and note the remainder. Repeat with the quotient until it is zero. The number in the new base is the remainders in reverse order. For example, to convert the number 1234 in decimal (base 10) to hexadecimal (base 16): 1234 / 16 = 77 r2 77 / 16 = 4 r13 4 / 16 = 0 r 4 Number bases less than 10 use the same decimal digits, eg octal numbers (base 8) use the digits 0-7. For bases greater than 10, the convention is to use the alphabet to represent the extra digits, so base 11 would use 0-9,A, base 12 0-9, A-B, base 16 0-9, A-F, etc (where A would represent 1010, B represent 1110, etc). so 123410 = 4D216. Programmingwise, it would depend up on how your input number is stored, along with the language you're using. In C, for example, if you have an int containing number, it is actually effectively stored in binary and when printing it (converting to a string) it is converted to whatever the printf specification requests: printf("%d = 0x%x", 1234, 1234); would display 1234 = 0x4d2 The same specifications can be used on sprintf to store the result in memory. If you are required to write the conversion, program the algorithm described in the mathematical method.

What is the only prime number that has a factor of 16?

Small words make a difference. No prime number "has" a factor of 16. But 2 is the only prime number that "is" a factor of 16.

What number is both a factor and a multiple of 16?

16 is the only number that satisfies these conditions.

Is the only square number that's a multiple of 4 is 16?

No, 16 is not the only square number that's a multiple of 4.

What number sentence can be created using 9 7 and 16?

9 + 7 = 16

How do you make a factor tree using the number 16?

16 8,2 4,2,2 2,2,2,2