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Use a 20p and a 2p and cut them in half

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Q: How do you make 11P with two coins without using a 1P coin?
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How do you make 30p using two coins without using a 20p coin?

A half-crown (25p) and a shilling (5p)

What 5 coins make 2 pounds?

£1 coin + 50p coin + 2x20p coins + 10p coin = £2

Is it possible to make 55 cents using two coins without using nickels?

The answer to the question as written is no. The smallest number would be 4 coins: 1 quarter, 4 dimesHowever the question isn't correctly written. It's a actually brain teaser that asks, "Can you make 55 cents using two coins if one of them is not a nickel?" The answer of course is a half dollar and a nickel - the half dollar is the coin that's not a nickel!

How do you make 63 without using coins or 1 bills?

Use numbers, instead.

I need 50 of these coins to make 10.00. What is the coin?

20 cent coins

How many ways to make 10 pence with coins?

Ten 1p coins Eight 1p coins 2p coin Six 1p coins two 2p coins Four 1p coins three 2p coins Two 1p coins four 2p coins. Two 5p coins One 5p coin two 2p coins one 1p coin One 5p coin one 2p coin three 1p coins One 5p coin five 1p coins Five 2p coins One 10p coin

Which three coins make 45p?

Two 20p coins and one 5p coin make 45p.

How do you make money from reselling coins without a coin store?

What I would do is use eBay or find a friend that collects coins and that would buy from you i have made over $1200 reselling coins and suggest that you should do that also.

How make 25p with 2 coins?

One 20p coin and one 5p coin.

Make 30 cents without using a nickel?

Three dimes 30 one-cent coins A quarter and 5 one-cent coins

How many ways can you make 1 Australian dollar without using 5 cent coins?


What two coins make fifteen cents without using a nickel?

1 dime and 5 pennies